Rep. Fiedler announces state grant for building improvements at Ford PAL Center

PHILADELPHIA, April 29 -- State Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler, D-Phila., with city and state partners, came together to fund physical improvements to the Ford PAL Recreation Center on Snyder Ave. Fiedler and PAL’s leadership secured a $60,000 grant from the DCED Keystone Communities program to do necessary roof and building improvements at the center.

“I am excited to bring this money to South Philly! I want to make sure the building is a safe space for all the community activities, sports, and events that are held here,” Fiedler said. “The Ford PAL Recreation Center is a community hub that offers free, enriching athletic and educational programming for youth ages 6-18 in South Philadelphia.”

The officials recognized the hard work put in by leaders to support neighborhood families. The Ford PAL Recreation center has been a crucial community partner over the years, but has especially stepped up during the COVID-19 pandemic.

April Thomas-Jones, executive director of Philly PAL said of the project, “Providing equal access begins with open doors, we are thankful for the support of our elected officials, community leaders and partners for their contributions which allowed us to put a new roof on our Ford PAL Center. Our doors can remain open to serve our young people and continue our core goal.”

On March 13 Fiedler, Councilmember Mark Squilla, and representatives from Ford PAL Center,  Bruce Baldwin, April Thomas-Jones and Sgt Faust, completed a tour of the improvements. The project is underway and will be completed prior to summer 2021.

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