Rep. Fiedler and Sen. Saval join Unemployment Town Hall 4/8/21

PHILADELPHIA, April 9 – State Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler and State Sen. Nikil Saval held a virtual Town Hall to help constituents navigate the unemployment compensation systems. Many people have applied for the first time, during the past year, and continue to have frustrating and slow interactions with the system.

Rep. Fiedler said the decision to hold the event was based on need in the community. “We’ve been helping thousands of people across our district in South Philadelphia get the benefits they are owed.” In many cases, Rep. Fiedler said, people are waiting for weeks or months. “It’s ridiculous that our neighbors have to wait so long for this money. The last year has been very hard for a lot of people. On top of health, safety and education concerns, many people who lost their jobs have struggled to pay their bills. While my staff and I continue to work very hard to advocate for our constituents, and for large system improvements, I was glad to co-host this virtual event as an additional step to get people information about the system, its challenges, and how we can help.”

Sen Saval shared, “Since my office opened on Dec. 1st, our staff has made thousands of calls to residents throughout the 1st Senatorial District with their unemployment questions and claims. We know how hard it has been. We know many of you have been waiting months to receive responses to your claims, let alone the payments you need to care for yourself and your families. Payments that you deserve. We experience these frustrations too.”

Rep. Fiedler and Sen. Saval were joined by guest speaker Julia Simon-Michel, a lawyer with Philadelphia Legal Assistance. Simon-Michel provided listeners and viewers with general step-by-step information, answers to commonly asked questions as well as specific questions submitted by neighbors about the Unemployment Compensation system.

Simon-Michel echoed Rep. Fiedler and Sen. Saval’s sentiments, “It has been rough in the unemployment world for pretty much everyone and their families out there. I know things have gotten slightly better in different programs and with different people’s experiences. But a lot of folks are still struggling.”

For assistance with an unemployment case, please contact Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler’s office:

By email: By phone: 215-271-9190

For assistance appealing unemployment case, please email:

For legal assistance with unemployment, please contact Philadelphia’s Legal Assistance by phone: 215-981-3800