Fiedler, Hanbidge call for informed patient consent at news conference

HARRISBURG, Jan. 14 – Today, state Reps. Elizabeth Fiedler, D-Phila., and Liz Hanbidge, D-Montgomery, hosted a Capitol news conference to discuss legislation that would require informed patient consent for all procedures performed while under anesthesia. The bill will be introduced this week.


“Right now, patients who walk into the hospital for a procedure, may not be aware of what happens while they are under anesthesia. No patient should ever be subjected to an exam or procedure without their explicit consent, especially if they are under anesthesia,” Fiedler said. “It’s time for that to stop; we must protect a patient’s right to decide what happens to their own body.”


“Think about the necessary trust that we place in our physicians to allow them to work on our bodies, so often we are literally putting our lives in their hands. It never occurs to one that they are going to violate that trust. And there are different levels of violation of trust, but physical intrusion in this manner is one of most grave,” Hanbidge said. “Our legislation protects people against non-consensual pelvic, rectal and prostate exams. We are asking our colleagues to continue supporting this legislation, protecting women, and making sure that every voice is heard and every body is protected.”


Fiedler and Hanbidge were joined at the news conference by Amal Bass from Women’s Law Project and Keren Sofer, an impacted constituent from South Philadelphia.