Fiedler joins legislators, local officials to announce legislation to fund Philadelphia school repairs

PHILADELPHIA, May 29 – State Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler, along with other legislators and local officials, today announced legislation that would invest $85 million to make critical repairs to school buildings in Philadelphia.

“Our children spend their days in leaking buildings surrounded by lead, rodents and outdated electrical systems. They get a very clear message: our society does not value them in the same way it values children in richer parts of our state,” Fiedler said. “As they grow up, this knowledge is buried deep into their understanding of the world. It is long past time for us adults to change that. That’s what our legislation is aimed at doing.”

The legislation, sponsored by Sen. Vincent Hughes, proposes half the $170 million that the Fund our Facilities Coalition said is needed to address the immediate safety and health issues in the school buildings, and to ensure they are safe, clean and healthy.

Fiedler said she plans on introducing companion legislation in the House.

The Fund our Facilities Coalition kicked off its work during a news conference in Fiedler’s South Philadelphia district, outside Francis Scott Key Elementary, which is the school district’s oldest school.