Driscoll introduces bill to strengthen consumer protections in contracts

HARRISBURG, Aug. 8 – State Rep. Mike Driscoll, D-Phila., has introduced legislation that would ensure Pennsylvanians don't fall prey to deceptive contracts and would strengthen protections for consumers.     

House Bill 929 would create penalties for companies that place false or misleading information in contracts intending to defraud customers. By adding deceptive practice language into current law, companies found guilty would be liable for penalties and damages reimbursements, allowing customers to reclaim lost assets. New Jersey currently has similar regulations in place, and Driscoll hopes to extend these protections to Pennsylvania consumers.

“Pennsylvanians enter into contracts every day,” Driscoll said. “Whether it is a contract for cell phones, cable television, home improvement or another contract, full disclosure is necessary. But too often, companies use misleading language to take advantage of vulnerable communities and exploit their intentions. Protecting consumers from deceptive practices is one of my top legislative priorities, and this legislation to hold companies accountable for the contracts they draw up is among the reforms I continue to seek.”

Driscoll has worked throughout his legislative career to protect consumer rights, sponsoring and co-sponsoring several pieces of consumer-friendly legislation. Act 27 of 2018 was signed into law this June, and allows contractors to suspend their work if they are not paid per contract terms. H.B. 1847 would waive current credit freeze fees, while H.B. 1846 would restructure breach of security of the system consumer notification procedures. Both bills passed the House and are currently under consideration in the state Senate.