CFA accepting applications through May 31

Delloso’s office can help entities apply

RIDLEY PARK, Jan. 31 — State Rep. Dave Delloso announced that from Feb. 1 through May 31 the Commonwealth Financing Authority is accepting applications for the programs it administers. CFA board approval of applications is anticipated at its September 2019 meeting.

“These state grants help improve quality of life for all by funding improvements throughout the district,” Delloso said. “My staff and I are happy to help entities such as municipalities, communities, businesses and organizations apply for a share of the funding.”

CFA is accepting applications for the following programs:

  • Abandoned Mine Drainage Abatement and Treatment Program - Grants are used for abatement of AMD and/or treatment of AMD through treatment facility system construction. Grants may also be awarded for treatment system repair, upgrade or operation and maintenance of existing passive and active treatment systems.

  • Baseline Water Quality Data Program - Grants are used to fund statewide initiatives to establish baseline water quality data on private water supplies. 

  • Flood Mitigation Program - Grants are used to fund statewide initiatives to assist with flood mitigation projects. 

  • Greenways, Trails, and Recreation Program - Grants are used for planning, acquisition, development, rehabilitation and repair of greenways, recreational trails, open space, parks and beautification projects. 

  • Orphan and Abandoned Well Plugging - Grants are used for funding orphan or abandoned well plugging projects. 

  • Sewage Facilities Program - Grants are used for statewide initiatives complying with the Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act.

  • Watershed Restoration and Protection Program - Grants are used for watershed restoration and protection projects.

Delloso said complete guidelines for each of these programs, as well as application instructions may be found here: 

According to Delloso, applications also will be accepted from March 1 through July 31 for the CFA Multimodal Transportation Program, with CFA board approval anticipated at its November 2019 meeting. He said the CFA Multimodal program is separate from PennDOT’s Multimodal grant program. 

Delloso said grants are used to encourage economic development and help ensure a safe and reliable system of transportation. Complete guidelines as well as application instructions for the CFA Multimodal program may be found here:  

Delloso said businesses, local municipalities and other authorities needing more information can contact his district office at 610-534-1002.