Deasy: $250K awarded to install storm sewer project

PITTSBURGH, Aug. 17 – The Commonwealth Financing Authority has announced the approval of a $250,000 H20 PA fund grant to install a storm sewer collection system in Crafton Borough in Allegheny County, state Rep. Dan Deasy, D-Allegheny, announced.

Deasy said these funds will assist borough officials in addressing issues cited by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection by allowing for the construction and installation of a new stormwater sewer system, finalizing an ongoing multi-phase Clearview Avenue storm sewer separation and detention project.

“This is certainly welcome news for Crafton Borough, as these funds will help them address needed stormwater sewer issues and ultimately complete this project in a timely manner,” Deasy said. “This funding will allow the borough to make these needed repairs now, protecting taxpayers from costly repairs and infrastructure issues in the future.”

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