DeLuca condemns Russian invasion of Ukraine

Urges pension funds to divest from Russian assets

PITTSBURGH, March 4 – In light of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, state Rep. Tony DeLuca, D-Allegheny, is condemning the attack and urging action by encouraging pension funds to pull investments from Russian companies.

“I am shocked and appalled at this senseless Russian aggression and I support the people of Ukraine,” DeLuca said. “I believe Pennsylvania should be taking steps to punish Russia for its actions, which includes taking steps to make sure not one penny from Pennsylvanians will be helping to fund Russia’s attack.”

DeLuca stated he supports recent efforts to divest state pension funds from Russian assets. Earlier today, the Public Schools Employee Retirement System, which is the biggest public pension system in Pennsylvania, announced it will begin to sell off its investments in Russia. Last week, the state Treasury announced it would also be divesting Russia-related holdings.

DeLuca is encouraging other pension funds to divest themselves of Russian-related assets.

“I applaud today’s announcement from PSERS, and I hope other pension funds across the state take steps to divest themselves of Russian assets, whether that be the State Employee Retirement System, municipal pension funds or private pension funds,” DeLuca said. “While we might not influence foreign policy at the state level, I believe we should use every tool at our disposal to punish Russia for its senseless aggression.”