DeLuca applauds opportunity to discuss amendment on his outside-income legislation

HARRISBURG, Dec.14 – State Rep. Tony DeLuca is applauding the move by Republicans in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to put H.B. 1596 on the voting schedule, giving him the opportunity to bring up his outside-income legislation as an amendment to the bill.

DeLuca said his amendment would limit legislators from holding second jobs in the private sector outside of their elected duties.

“The diversity in professional backgrounds we see among public officials brings varying levels of knowledge and experience to the public policy area, but while in office, we should be focused on our duties as elected representatives and the issues the people of Pennsylvania sent us to Harrisburg to address,” said DeLuca, D-Allegheny.

He added, “The General Assembly of Pennsylvania is a full-time legislature, paid for full-time work. Given the difficult problems facing our commonwealth, I believe that our position as members of this House requires our full attention.”

DeLuca said his amendment would also limit conflicts of interest and reduce the impact of money in politics, which he feels would help to restore the trust and confidence in public officials.

House Bill 1596 would amend the state constitution to require voter ID and make the Secretary of the Commonwealth an elected office, rather than an appointed one. The legislation is awaiting consideration from the full House.