DeLuca’s consumer protection legislation heads to governor’s desk

H.B. 770 would give much-needed oversight, training to pharmacy technicians

HARRISBURG, Nov. 19 – On Thursday, state Rep. Tony DeLuca’s consumer protection legislation, which is geared toward the oversight of pharmacy technicians, passed the General Assembly.

DeLuca’s measure, H.B. 770, would require pharmacy technicians in Pennsylvania to register with the State Board of Pharmacy, have a high school diploma, complete a board-approved training program and pass a criminal background check.

DeLuca, who introduced similar legislation before that made it through the state House but stalled in the state Senate, noted the importance of getting his legislation passed the state Senate and to governor’s desk this time, adding that the commonwealth has reported numerous pharmacy technician errors in years past.

“Pennsylvania is one of three states without regulations for pharmacy technicians, which was something I always found issue with and was hoping to fix during my time in office,” DeLuca said.

“I’ve also heard personal stories from residents in my community that shed light on the danger and loss of life that could occur due to unqualified pharmacy technicians. It’s a tragedy that no one should have to experience, and it’s my hope that this bill is a step in the right direction to ensuring accidents like those regularly reported don’t happen again.”

DeLuca said he anticipates that Gov. Tom Wolf will sign H.B. 770 into law.