DeLuca Condemns Millionaire Executive Salaries, No Pay Increase for Frontline Workers

HARRISBURG, July 13 – State Rep. Tony DeLuca, D-Allegheny, today criticized executives of large corporations that are giving themselves a pay raise in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic without raising the pay of frontline workers.

“It is wrong that many millionaire CEOs are awarded exorbitant salaries and bonuses year after year, while the frontline workers are putting their lives at risk, keeping our communities safe, and moving companies forward barely see a pay increase,” DeLuca said. “Now more than ever, with many hard-working people losing their jobs and incomes, CEOs need to put the interests of workers and their families ahead of another multi-million-dollar bonus. I call on CEOs to limit their compensation for this year, and to increase the salaries of their workers – especially frontline workers – as a reward for selfless sacrifice during this pandemic.”

DeLuca said the average CEO makes 278 times the average worker’s salary. In 1965, the average CEO made 20 times the amount of the average worker.

DeLuca specifically mentioned UPMC CEO Jeffrey Romoff, pointing to a recent news article stating that the CEO’s compensation increased to $8.96 million. UPMC is a nonprofit health care system and insurance company that is based in downtown Pittsburgh in Allegheny County. Allegheny County has recently seen a spike in COVID-19 cases.