House Democrats join Gov. Wolf to get vital funding to Pa. hospitals

HARRISBURG, April 10 – House Democrats supported today’s action by the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority to deliver up to $450 million in immediate financial relief to the state’s hospitals caring for people during the COVID-19 crisis. 

“The federal CARES Act will deliver hundreds of millions of dollars to hospitals, but when that money will arrive is uncertain. The surge in cases is happening now and hospitals need this help now because the virus caseload intensifies each day,” Democratic Leader Rep. Frank Dermody, D-Allegheny/Westmoreland, said.

“By making state financing available quickly, hospitals will be able to get doctors and nurses the equipment and supplies they require to handle the surge and save as many lives as possible. This funding is a vital lifesaving tool to help us weather the worst part of the storm,” Dermody said.

At an emergency meeting today, the PENNVEST board approved a low-interest, short-term loan program to help hospitals bridge the gap until federal money arrives. The loans will be repaid to PENNVEST using part of that federal funding.

“Democrats in the House and Senate are proud to work with Governor Wolf on this. It’s allowing overburdened hospitals to save more lives and keep their staff safer,” Dermody said.

“Millions of people are doing their part by staying at home and flattening the curve. Frontline workers and healthcare workers are doing their part and much more. Now, more than ever, all of us in state government are doing our part to help in this fight. House Democrats are not done. There’s much more to do,” he said.

PENNVEST serves the communities and people of Pennsylvania by funding infrastructure projects that improve health and the environment while supporting economic growth and job creation. State Rep. Tony DeLuca of Allegheny County is the House Democratic appointee to the PENNVEST board of directors.