DeLuca bill that would ensure those convicted of a crime with a firearm serve a full five-year sentence passes House, heads to state Senate

HARRISBURG, Jan. 14 – State Rep. Tony DeLuca’s House bill that would require the mandatory five-year sentence imposed for convictions of crimes with a firearm to run consecutively to any other sentence imposed by the court passed the state House Monday.

The measure, H.B. 726, also passed the state House during the last legislative session under a different bill number, DeLuca said.

“It’s time we think more about the victims and the victims’ families, rather than the perpetrator,” DeLuca said. “I support criminal justice reform, and I’m more than encouraged to see the positive discourse surrounding the subject in the political arena. What I don’t support, however, is the individuals committing violent crimes with firearms.”

DeLuca said his reasoning behind this legislation surrounds the “clear and present danger” crimes involving firearms and those that commit them pose to society, and what he called the “severely comprised” legislative intent of current law, thanks to district attorney plea bargaining that allow multiple sentences to run concurrently.

House Bill 726 now heads to the state Senate for consideration.