DeLuca applauds passing of H.B. 3, hoping for quick vote in state Senate

Bill would reduce premiums, bring stability to insurance market

HARRISBURG, June 11 – State Rep. Tony DeLuca, Democratic chairman of the House Insurance Committee, on Tuesday released the following statement on the passage of H.B. 3, a bipartisan bill that would create an authority to operate a state-based health insurance exchange for Affordable Care Act (ACA) individual market plans, and enact a reinsurance program to reduce premium increases:

“I am encouraged to see a bipartisan, consumer-oriented House bill quickly make its way through the House and move on to the state Senate. As Democratic chairman of the House Insurance Committee, I was happy to quickly move this bill out of the committee and on to the House floor for a near-unanimous vote. This is good legislation – the type of legislation our constituents put us in office to draft and vote on.

“I sponsored this legislation because, quite frankly, it’s a no-brainer. This is a bill that gives the commonwealth the opportunity to operate its own exchange at a lower cost than the federal government, while also reducing premium increases. It also would allow for the creation of a state reinsurance program, which would allow insurers to offer their products at a cheaper price by limiting their exposure to high, unpredictable medical expenses.

“We have a great opportunity to help roughly 400,000 people struggling to afford quality health insurance for themselves and their families at no additional cost to the taxpayer. It’s my sincere hope that this bill swiftly moves through the state Senate and makes its way to the governor’s desk.”

House Bill 3 now heads to the state Senate for consideration.