DeLissio announces $152,900 in Local Share Account grants to her district

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 1 -- State Rep. Pamela A. DeLissio, D-Montgomery/Phila., announced that two organizations within the 194th Legislative District are receiving Local Share Account grants via the Department of Community and Economic Development.

A grant of $52,900 was awarded to the Roxborough Development Corp. These funds will be used to help install a gateway to the pocket park located at 6170 Ridge Ave., complete a mural in the park and install lighting in the adjacent parking lot to ensure a safe place to park.

“The use of these funds will complete a project started a few years ago of repurposing a vacant lot into the pocket park used for community gatherings, First Fridays, among other events,” DeLissio said. “I am happy to support projects that bring the community together in family-friendly ways.”

James Calamia, executive director of the Roxborough Development Corp., extended his appreciation to Representative DeLissio for her help in securing the funds.

“These funds serve as a cap stone for the park project and allow us to realize our vision to complete this public place,” Calamia said.

Additionally, a grant of $100,000 was awarded to the Wissahickon Sustainability Council for the Cook-Wissahickon Schoolyard Greening Project located at Cook-Wissahickon School at 201 Salaignac St. in Philadelphia.

The WSC has endeavored to make Cook-Wissahickon’s school grounds more sustainable, healthier, more beautiful and more educationally enriching for students to play and learn, DeLissio said.

The grant money will be used to de-pave a portion of the playground at the school while providing aesthetic and storm water management improvements. The WSC is anticipating this effort will eliminate the pool of water that collects after a hard rain and, in the winter, ices over in the center of the schoolyard.

Once landscaping is complete, the schoolyard will be a more inviting place to be, DeLissio said.

“Representative DeLissio was immensely helpful in strategizing with us as to how to plan and apply for funds for this costly project,” WSC President Julie McGurk said. “We couldn’t be more grateful.”

LSA funds are used for economic development, neighborhood revitalization, community improvement and public interest projects in the city of Philadelphia.