Dawkins condemns GOP for hypocrisy in Philly DA probe

HARRISBURG, Oct. 27 – State Rep. Jason Dawkins, chairman of the House Democratic Philadelphia Delegation, responded to the House Republican Caucus’ announcement that they intend to draft and run legislation to impeach Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner.

House Republicans announced their intent for impeachment during a news conference in the Capitol Complex on Wednesday. 

“This week’s news conference confirms the Republican obsession with District Attorney Larry Krasner,” Dawkins said. “I find it interesting that the Select Committee report, which was just released Monday, didn’t mention or recommend impeachment. But here we are, a few days later, hearing the Republican majority leader announce articles of impeachment without the participation of the Select Committee’s chairman from Chester and Lancaster counties.

“We also heard that the Select Committee chairman was ‘blindsided’ by his party’s decision to move with impeachment. What is happening in the Republican caucus? The filing of articles of impeachment against the Philadelphia district attorney are nothing short of a wasteful sham, used to disenfranchise Philadelphia voters and spend taxpayer money that could be better used anywhere else. Appropriately timed less than two weeks before an election, it is political gamesmanship and frivolous, and played out at the expense of Philadelphians, whose will as voters has been disregarded throughout the Republican majority in the House.

“If House Republicans gave a damn about Philly, they would release rainy day funds to rebuild schools, rehab our rec centers and parks, provide additional funding for basic home repair and provide money for rental assistance. They would demand their friends in law enforcement to show up to work! The Philadelphia City Controller just released a police audit that shows large numbers within the police force using loopholes to avoid showing up to work, leading to staffing issues which create unsafe conditions throughout the city. If you want to help start by showing up to work. Let’s stop the nonsense believing that a prosecutor is solely responsible for a city’s crime. The responsibility starts with the person who commits the crime.

“How much more time and resources will be wasted on this Republican farce? Philadelphians continue to suffer at the hands of a Republican majority who refuse to enact commonsense gun reforms at the state level or allow Philadelphia to enact its own, who refuse to properly fund education and anti-crime initiatives or ensure working people a livable wage.”