Philadelphia House Democrats release statement on S.B. 565

HARRISBURG, Nov. 16 – The Democratic members of the Philadelphia House Delegation and Chairman Jason Dawkins released a statement addressing the passage of S.B. 565.

The bill would rescind the requirement for gun owners to have a permit to carry a firearm, openly or concealed, across the state including in Philadelphia, and would lower the minimum age which someone can carry from 21 to 18.

“This year, the city of Philadelphia has suffered at the hands of gun violence, suffering 1,563 nonfatal and 391 fatal shootings as of Nov. 14. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends are all saying goodbye to loved ones who fall at the hands of offenders with guns. It is a nightmare that gets worse with each passing day. Instead of providing good guidance on the state level, the majority party is busy introducing bills that repeal good safety measures to keep Pennsylvanians, and especially Philadelphians, safe.

“This is not a fight we will let go lightly. We will continue to work with local officials, and certainly our fight continues at the state level, to make sure that commonsense gun laws and practices are in place. It is irresponsible for the party in charge, our Republican counterparts, to allow this dangerous legislation to be approved. It should never have hit the House floor in the first place.”