Philadelphia House Delegation responds to Philly Weekly


HARRISBURG, May 26 – State Rep. and Philadelphia Delegation Chairman Jason Dawkins today made the following statement on behalf of the delegation, addressing the abhorrent article published online this week.

“In a recent post on the Philadelphia Weekly website, the Philly Weekly staff felt it was time to drive up clicks to their site by making a complete mockery of homicide rates in the city of Philadelphia by turning it into a guessing game ahead of the November general election. They asked their readers to guess how many murders there will be in Philadelphia on Nov. 2, General Election day, and are offering the winner a prize. A prize? This is abhorrent, childish and unconscionable. The tragic increase in shooting deaths throughout Philadelphia is serious and heartbreaking. Pointing out the real tragedy of homicides in Philadelphia and highlighting the disproportionate impact it has on poor communities and on communities of color would be a better way to bring attention to the problem and to discuss solutions. But it doesn’t look like solutions to this crisis are of concern to Philadelphia Weekly.”

Members of the Philadelphia Delegation, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Chairman, Jason Dawkins

Vice Chairman, Malcolm Kenyatta

Secretary, Elizabeth Fiedler

Kevin Boyle

Amen Brown

Donna Bullock

Danilo Burgos

Morgan B Cephas

Angel Cruz

Pamela A DeLissio

Michael Driscoll

Isabella Fitzgerald

Nancy Guenst

Jordan A Harris

Joseph C Hohenstein

Mary Isaacson

Stephen Kinsey

Rick Krajewski

Joanna E McClinton

Ed Neilson

Darisha Parker

Christopher M Rabb

Brian K Sims

Jared G Solomon

Regina Young