Dawkins: Police PTSD testing bill passes House Judiciary vote

HARRISBURG, June 15 – State Rep. Jason Dawkins, D-Phila., announced that his police reform legislation (H.B. 1551) was amended into H.B. 1910 today in the House Judiciary Committee, where it passed unanimously.

House Bill 1910 would require officers to receive training to recognize the signs of child abuse and childhood trauma.

Dawkins’ addition would require officers to undergo PTSD training after incidents involving deadly force. It would also allow commanding officers to request tests as needed, and it calls for increased training for officers to better understand PTSD.

“Officers see unthinkable things on the job that could traumatize and desensitize anyone. I’m glad this important legislation is advancing so that we can make sure police officers are mentally fit to keep working safely,” Dawkins said. “This kind of direct action is how we will instill faith in police officers again, so our communities feel protected. There is more work to do and we are not backing down.”