Philadelphia House Delegation Members thank Commissioner Ross after 30 years of service

HARRISBURG, Aug. 21 – Following Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross Jr.’s abrupt resignation on Tuesday, state Rep. Jason Dawkins, D-Phila., chairman of the Philadelphia Delegation in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, and its members thanked Ross for his nearly 30 years of service to the city in law enforcement.

“It has been an esteemed honor to stand beside Commissioner Ross in our efforts to improve the lives of all Philadelphians, especially to combat the increasing gun violence in the city,” Dawkins said. “Members of the delegation thank him for his nearly three decades of dedicated service to the city of Philadelphia.

“However, we are disheartened to hear of the new accusations against the police force. As members of the House of Representatives, we take any charge of sexual harassment, gender or racial discrimination very seriously.

“We trust that new leadership within the Philadelphia Police Department, presently under acting Commissioner Christine M. Coulter, will continue to work to overcome any issues of discrimination or harassment existing within the department.”