Cruz to push tow truck operator accountability bill

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 25 – In light of recent controversy over possibly illegally towed vehicles in Philadelphia, state Rep. Angel Cruz, D-Phila., said there is no better time than now for the House to take up his House Bill 550, which would increase tow truck operator accountability.  

H.B. 550 would require tow truck operators in Philadelphia to provide the owner of a vehicle with photographic evidence of the violation for which their vehicle was towed. A copy of the photograph would be given to the vehicle owner when they claim their vehicle.

"Unfortunately, it is not out of the realm of possibility that tow truck operators could operate in an unscrupulous way and bait drivers into towing traps simply to increase profits," Cruz said. "My legislation would add a level of scrutiny to protect tow truck operators from unnecessary litigation if a vehicle owner believes their vehicle was towed illegally and also protect vehicle owners who will be provided with proof that they were parked illegally."

H.B. 550 was introduced in February 2015 and is currently awaiting action in the House Transportation Committee.