Cruz cites State Government Committee as reason for proper rules enforcement

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 30 – State Rep. Angel Cruz, D-Phila., announced he will be introducing a resolution providing for the enforcement of the House rules in standing committee business by the Speaker.

“Though the rules of the House do currently apply in standing committees, they are rarely enforced and the disrespect we saw in last week’s State Government Committee hearing by Chairman Metcalfe shows that lack of enforcement,” Cruz said. “Business in committee hearings is supposed to be conducted in a civil, orderly and respectful manner, and last week’s outburst showed zero civility or respect.”

The general operating rules of the House of Representatives are adopted at the beginning of each legislative session and contain the framework for the rules, precedents and procedures that the House is bound to follow.

“This resolution would provide for the ability to censor, sanction or levy other punishment by the Speaker upon a chairman or minority chairman who is uncivil towards another member of the committee,” Cruz said. “It is important that legislators are held to the same high standard in committees that we are held to on the House floor. The people of Pennsylvania deserve that from those they elect to represent them.”