Cruz calls on Berks County officials, Department of State to correct mail-in ballot instruction error affecting 17,000 Latino voters

HARRISBURG, Oct. 21 – State Rep. Angel Cruz, D-Phila., chairman and founder of the Latino Affairs Caucus, today called for swift and significant action to correct a mistake made by Berks County elections officials that could have significant ramifications for thousands of Latino voters in Pennsylvania.

Berks County recently sent 17,000 Spanish-speaking voters mail-in ballots with an instruction page that says their ballot should be returned by Nov. 18, instead of the actual upcoming municipal election date of Nov. 2.

“This is a significant error that needs to be corrected with strong and swift action by both Berks County officials and Department of State officials,” Cruz said. “The state needs to step in and help the county contact in various ways each and every voter who received an erroneous ballot.

“Any voter who is subject to an error of this magnitude needs more than a blanket apology, notice in the newspaper or another, corrected ballot in the mail. Anything less than a full-court press is disenfranchisement. We must show every person in this commonwealth that they have value and that they deserve to have confidence in our elections process.”

Cruz said in addition to personal contact with each affected voter by multiple means, a full investigation into how an error like this happened is warranted.