Cruz urges lawmakers to lead by example with drug testing legislation


HARRISBURG, Oct. 9 – State Rep. Angel Cruz, D-Phila., held a news conference today to discuss his legislation that would require members of the House and Senate to be tested for illegal drugs.


Cruz introduced his legislation as House Bill 620 and as an amendment to Senate Bill 6, which would make changes to the government assistance system in Pennsylvania, including a requirement to drug test individuals who receive those benefits. Cruz stated that he believes members of the General Assembly should be drug tested because they are paid with taxpayer money, as well.


“I’ve introduced this legislation in three legislative sessions and I will continue to introduce it in future sessions, if necessary,” Cruz said. “If we are going to say that recipients of taxpayer money should be drug tested, then that should extend to us as well.”


House Bill 620, and the corresponding amendment to Senate Bill 6, would require members to receive drug testing within three months of taking the oath of office. Under the proposal, any members who fail a drug test, refuse to take one or show evidence of tampering with a test would be subject to an ethics investigation. Testing would occur again for members during each subsequent term in office.