Conklin’s resolution to recognize the Pennsylvania State Grange reported out of committee

The Grange held its first meeting September 18, 1873 in Reading

HARRISBURG, Feb. 22 – Today, the House Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee unanimously reported state Rep. Scott Conklin’s resolution to recognize the 151st anniversary of the Pennsylvania State Grange.

Conklin’s resolution designates Wednesday, Sept. 18 as State Grange Day, as well as recognizes the 151st anniversary of the Grange.

“Following the Civil War, Pennsylvanians from rural communities united to form the Grange, allowing them to advocate for rural communities, as well as the agricultural industry,” Conklin said. “Today, we have more than 170 chapters of the Grange and approximately 5,700 members. Thanks to these members uniting, we’re able to advance policies that make investments in rural communities and the agriculture industry, one of Pennsylvania’s largest industries. As a sixth-degree member of the Grange and as state representative for the 77th Legislative District, I will work to ensure that we continue to uplift the Grange, rural communities, and the agriculture industry.”

The resolution now awaits a vote in the House.


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