Conklin highlights Shapiro’s proposals for investments in public education, higher education

HARRISBURG, Feb. 6 – Today, Rep. Scott Conklin, D-Centre, applauded Gov. Josh Shapiro’s proposals to increase funding for Philipsburg-Osceola Area School District and the Pennsylvania State University, helping students of all ages to succeed.

To invest in public education and higher education, Shapiro’s proposal includes:

  • Allocating $575,887 in Basic Education Funding and $72,487 in Special Education Funding for Philipsburg-Osceola Area School District, increasing BEF by 4.2% and SEF by 4.3%.
  • Enacting charter school reform, which would save Philipsburg-Osceola Area School District more than 34.7%.
  • Increasing funding for Penn State by 5%.
  • Establishing a system to combine the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and community colleges, as well as increasing funding by 15% for the new system.

“Through Gov. Shapiro’s proposals to increase investments in public education and higher education, we have the opportunity to invest in our children’s futures, ensuring they not only succeed, but also have access to higher education that’s affordable,” Conklin said. “With a 4.2% increase in BEF and 4.3% increase in SEF for Philipsburg-Osceola Area School District, children will have the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their ZIP code. More so, with a 5% increase for Penn State and consolidation of PASSHE and community colleges, we ensure the affordability of higher education, making it more accessible for Pennsylvanians.”

Shapiro’s proposal also included:

  • Allocating $20 million for PA Innovation to invest in entrepreneurs and their endeavors.
  • Investing $50 million in the Whole Home Repairs Program.
  • Increasing Pennsylvania Housing Affordable and Rehabilitation Enhancement Fund’s Realty Tax Transfer to $70 million and increasing the cap by $10 million annually until it reaches $100 million in the fiscal year 2027-28.

“These proposals will invest in the commonwealth’s economy, attracting more entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Pennsylvania,” he said. “As chair of the House Commerce Committee, I will continue to advocate for investments in our economy, as well as assistance for Pennsylvanians to repair their homes and ensure access to affordable housing.”


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