Rep. Kinkead and House Democrats defend election integrity

Lawmakers call out GOP attempts to undermine Democracy in PA

HARRISBURG, Dec. 15 – Today, state Rep. Emily Kinkead, D-Allegheny, was joined by fellow House Democrats for a news conference at the state Capitol where they voiced their opposition to H.B. 1800, recent attempts by the GOP-led legislature to subvert the legislative process; and ongoing efforts by the Republican majority to undermine elections in Pennsylvania.

“Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania have made it clear that they do not trust our elections – except for elections that put members of their own party in power,” said Kinkead. “The Republican majority has wasted myriad resources over the last year by attacking our democratic institutions and repeatedly weaponizing constitutional amendments. All of this is being done while we are abdicating our responsibility to help Pennsylvanians who are struggling.”

Rep. Manny Guzman, D-Berks, also spoke fiercely against the recent Republican-led legislation.

“House Bill 1800 is the latest attempt to restrict access to the ballot box,” Guzman said. “Make no mistake, this is a well-coordinated effort to diminish voting participation in our Brown and Black communities. The restrictive use of drop boxes, shortening the window to register to vote, barriers to applying for mail-in ballots and submitting those mail-in ballots only begins to scratch the surface of the explicit measures targeting marginalized groups. Rather than proposing legislation that restricts access to the ballot box, we should be exploring avenues that expands upon the bedrock of our democracy. I look forward to these discussions with my colleagues.”

State Rep. Scott Conklin, D-Centre, and Democratic chair of the State Government Committee, said it was time for Republicans to stop attacking the election system and instead, work with Democrats to make elections accessible to all and to properly fund elections offices across the state.

“Rather than working with myself and other Democratic representatives to improve Pennsylvania’s election laws, GOP leaders have chosen to attack the system and to continue to push the ‘Big Lie’ for political gain,” Conklin said. “I’m asking my Republican colleagues to end their efforts to undermine our elections and restrict voter access, and instead work with us to ensure our elections are open and accessible to all Pennsylvanians, and to ensure our local election officials have to the tools and funding they need ensure our democracy operates smoothly and efficiently.”