Ciresi bill to outlaw early termination fees for deceased people passes House

HARRISBURG, Oct. 17 – State Rep. Joe Ciresi’s bill that would protect a deceased person’s family or estate from being charged early termination fees for canceling certain service contracts and vehicle leases passed the PA House today unanimously.

“It’s hard enough to lose a family member, but it is just salt in the wound for a grieving relative to have to pay an early termination fee because the customer has died,” Ciresi said. “Death shouldn’t come with fees, and companies shouldn’t be making money off a customer’s death. My legislation would prohibit cable, phone, telecommunication, utility and other companies from imposing early termination fees on a recently deceased person’s family for services that would no longer be used.”

The bill would require that written notice along with a death certificate be provided to end such leases or contracts without financial penalty.

Ciresi has championed the legislation in previous sessions.

This session, the bill had 24 co-sponsors, including both Democrats and Republicans.

The bill is on its way to be considered by the Senate.