Ciresi introduces legislation exempting injured and decorated veterans from vehicle registration fees

HARRISBURG, Sept. 21 – State Rep. Joe Ciresi, D-Montgomery, introduced H.B. 1895 today to exempt injured and decorated veterans from vehicle registration fees.

In serving the 146th legislative district, Ciresi has been particularly concerned that returning veterans receive assistance from the state in recognition of the sacrifices they’ve made serving their country. 

“While state law currently provides some veterans with a discounted rate for vehicle registration by only charging a processing fee, in recognition of their service I believe our injured and decorated veterans deserve to be fully excused from paying vehicle registration fees,” Ciresi said.

Ciresi said, “That is why I’ve introduced legislation, with bipartisan support, which totally waives these fees for veterans who were injured or captured while serving their country, or who have received the Congressional Medal of Honor or the Purple Heart.”
Current law charges a $10 processing fee instead of a registration fee for veterans who’ve lost a limb or eye or became partially paralyzed while serving in the armed forces; were captured by the enemy in an armed conflict; or were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Ciresi’s legislation eliminates the processing fee and expands eligibility to also include all recipients of the Purple Heart.

According to Ciresi, this exemption would not only help eligible veterans directly, but also their communities and loved ones by easing the financial challenges veterans face when returning from active duty.

Questions about the legislation can be directed to Ciresi’s office at 484-200-8265.