Successful roundtable highlights the impact of immigration in Pa.

Pennsylvania Legislative Latino Caucus Hosts roundtable on immigration impact in Pennsylvania and its rural communities at Gettysburg College

GETTYSBURG, May 23 – The Pennsylvania Legislative Latino Caucus today convened a roundtable discussion on the multifaceted impact of immigration in Pennsylvania – particularly in rural communities.

The event brought together policymakers, community leaders and experts to explore the significant challenges associated with immigration with a particular focus on the social and economic impacts.

"Immigrants are an integral part of Pennsylvania's identity and economic strength. Today's discussion reaffirms our commitment to policies that support and uplift our immigrant communities," said Rep. Danilo Burgos, chair of the Pennsylvania Legislative Latino Caucus.

"Today, we have been reminded that behind every statistic, there is a human story. A story of courage in leaving behind a homeland, of determination to build a better life, and of hope for future generations, added Rep. Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz, secretary of Pennsylvania Legislative Latino Caucus. “These stories are woven into the very fabric of Pennsylvania, enriching our communities with diversity, culture, and new perspectives."

The roundtable concluded with a call to action for continued dialogue and collaborative efforts to address the challenges and benefits of immigration in Pennsylvania. Burgos said the Pennsylvania Legislative Latino Caucus is committed to working with stakeholders to develop and implement policies that promote inclusion, equity and prosperity for all residents.

Photos of the roundtable can be found here.