Burgos bill advancing to foster diversity and equality in the agricultural industry

HARRISBURG, June 7 – State Rep. Danilo Burgos, D-Phila., said today that Pennsylvania is a step closer to creating a commission that would help open new avenues of opportunity in the agricultural industry for the benefit of underserved communities.

Burgos said his bill (H.B. 767) that would establish a Pennsylvania Socially Diverse Farmers Commission was approved yesterday in the House Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee and is ready for consideration by full House.

Burgos said his legislation would improve agricultural opportunities for minorities and people of color across the commonwealth.

“This bill would transform the playing field for many who are considering careers in the agricultural industry. I am determined to improve the fairness in our agricultural production. We need to eliminate the alarming disparity that is affecting this industry.

“I am proposing a commission that would be tasked with reviewing current policies and issuing report with recommendations to promote and implement a farm-related diversity, equity and inclusion plan.

“We cannot continue ignoring the elephant in the room. Intentional or unintentional national and state agricultural policies have benefited white farmers while impeding farmers of color. As Latino, I am proud to raise my voice for our people. Whether you are Black, Hispanic or Asian, we all have the same rights.

We need capital and land access, grant awards and tax credits. We are basically asking for an equal opportunity to help grow or produce agricultural goods in our state. I cannot wait to see this bill become law.”