Burgos applauds Shapiro executive order removing college degree requirement for tens of thousands of state government jobs

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 19 – State Rep. Danilo Burgos, D-Phila., offered the following remarks today praising PA Governor Josh Shapiro for signing an executive order that removes the college degree requirement for 92% of state government jobs. The executive order takes effect immediately.

“I want to send my thanks to Governor Shapiro for opening up opportunities for more Pennsylvanians to work in the state’s government. There are many Pennsylvanians who do not have a four-year college degree but, of these people, I know there are many who are qualified for certain jobs in our government.

“The traditional four-year college degree is a valuable tool to prepare people for a career in state government, but it’s not the only way to prepare for one of these jobs. I am incredibly pleased with the governor’s decision, and I hope this is a good way to provide jobs to Pennsylvanians.”