Burgos offers statement on Russian invasion of Ukraine 

HARRISBURG, March 2– State Rep. Danilo Burgos, D-Phila., offered the following statement on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“We are witnessing the cold-hearted, self-indulgent behavior of a man who calls himself a leader, a man with no regard for human life and a neighboring nation’s sovereignty,” Burgos said.

"However, we are also witnessing many countries around the world uniting in their disapproval of this unjustified invasion. People from across the globe, and in Russia, have taken to the streets to show their disdain and disapproval of this raw, unprovoked exercise of military might. It is being said that Vladimir Putin’s ill-conceived invasion has resulted, not in the outcome he desired, but in precisely the opposite, as the world electrifies its support for Ukraine.

“Perhaps we can learn from these present circumstances just how fragile and precious our democracies are and the high value we place upon them. It was the deepest desire of Jesus’ life ‘that all may be one.’ In this hour of darkness, let us renew our commitment to those principles and values that are the foundation of unity. Let us put aside the differences that divide and stand as one for what is right, just, and moral. I ask that today, Ash Wednesday, be a day of prayer for the Ukrainian people. I invite us all to join with our sisters and brothers around the world to lift our hearts and minds to pray for an end to this needless and cruel conflict. May God strengthen and protect the Ukrainian people and bless our world with peace.”