Burgos stomps out disaster declaration termination rumors

HARRISBURG, June 11 – State Rep. Danilo Burgos, D-Phila., today issued a statement quelling the misinformation that Gov. Tom Wolf’s emergency disaster declaration was eliminated.

Burgos’ statement follows a widespread rumor claiming that the passage of H.R. 836 – a resolution that only aims to end the declaration – in the House and Senate means that the legislation has now become law.

“My office has received many, many calls asking about the validity of this hearsay, while some also have taken to blindly sharing an image that erroneously declares that the declaration has been terminated because it passed both chambers,” Burgos said. “To dispel those rumors, I want to make it clear that the emergency declaration disaster is still in effect and all Pennsylvanians are still required to follow the guidelines set by the state Department of Health to continue to help curb spreading the virus. This especially means wearing masks and practicing proper social distancing while out in public and running essential errands.”

Burgos reiterated that the resolution’s passage does not make it a law and highlighted the dire consequences that H.R. 836 carries.

“It requires a signature by the governor to be binding, and Governor Wolf has adamantly expressed that he intends to veto the resolution because it not only puts countless lives at risk, but it also stands to inflict further harm to our communities,” he said.  “Eliminating the stay-at-home order would have many horrible consequences, including the complete undoing of laws and executive actions taken under the disaster declaration to protect Pennsylvanians who have been financially hurt. Unemployment compensation and financial relief for businesses and workers affected by the crisis would cease. Additionally, our state would no longer be eligible for the $1.4 billion in federal disaster funding that has been vital to communities most affected.

“Ultimately, the desire to pack in a bar pales in comparison with the magnitude of the blowbacks we stand to face if the emergency disaster declaration is prematurely terminated.”