Burgos announces $11K grant for Norris Square Neighborhood Project, $2K grant for Jig-Bee

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 3 – State Rep. Danilo Burgos, D-Phila., announced Thursday that the Norris Square Neighborhood Project, which serves local youth and community residents in a variety of ways, including by developing their sustainable agriculture skills, has been awarded $11,910 to fund a farm stand, and Jig-Bee, a flower farm on a former vacant lot, has been awarded a $2,500 to help with its operations.

“Norris Square Neighborhood Project has been making a difference in the community for more than 45 years, and I know this funding will allow the organization to do even more good for all those it serves,” Burgos said. “Jig-Bee is beautifying a former vacant lot and offering local fresh flowers to individuals and businesses. I am excited about the potential that can grow from these grant awards and investments in our community.”

The $11,910 grant awarded to Norris Square Neighborhood Project and $2,500 grant awarded to Jig-Bee are two of 28 projects across the commonwealth. The money is from Pennsylvania’s Urban Agriculture Grants program, part of the first-ever Pennsylvania Farm Bill, which provides both microgrants, for one-time projects or single applicants and up to $2,500 in funding, and macro grants, for projects that demonstrate cooperative or regional efforts with multiple partners and up to $50,000 in funding.

Norris Square Neighborhood Project will use its grant for farm stand materials, a composting system, grow lights, and soil plugs to open a farm stand. Jig-Bee will use the grant for insulation, air conditioner, heater, shelving and lighting to improve storage for cut flowers.