Burgos lauds new law to make professional licensing

HARRISBURG, July 1– State Rep. Danilo Burgos, D-Phila., hailed the enactment of legislation (H.B.1172) that will make it easier for people who need professional licenses to work in the state.


Gov. Tom Wolf today signed the bill co-sponsored by Burgos which establishes an endorsement process for all boards and commissions under the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs to issue licenses to applicants who are licensed to practice in another state. Under the law, Pennsylvania boards and commissions will be able to issue a provisional endorsement license to allow the applicant, who must be in good standing, to practice while completing the remaining requirements for licensure.


“This new law benefits people in my legislative district and the entire city of Philadelphia, where we have many burgeoning industries that attract licensed professionals from across the country,” Burgos said. “Waiting for approval for transferring certain licenses is a risk that can result in loss of income; it’s a risk that many aren’t willing to take, which in turn results in missing out on diverse talent for our local growing industries.


“With this law, these professionals can relocate to our city and state, and seamlessly enter the workforce on a provisional license while the permeant license is being processed.”


Burgos said the provisional endorsement license would expire if the applicant is denied a license, upon the expiration date or if the holder of the provisional endorsement license fails to comply with the terms of the provisional license.


Also under the law, final regulations would be issued by each board and commission within 18 months of the effective date.