Important SEPTA Update

SEPTA has informed my office that it is providing a one (1) year extension of all SEPTA Key Senior ID Cards expiring in calendar year 2020. Seniors with a card expiring in 2020 will be able to continue to ride SEPTA using their current card for 12 months beyond the printed date of expiration (for example, cards with a May 2020 expiration date will continue to be valid for travel through May 2021).

While no SEPTA Key Senior ID Cards will expire during calendar year 2020, card holders with a Senior ID Card expiring in 2020, who wish to renew their card in the coming year, can obtain same day card renewal at one of the below locations:

  • SEPTA Headquarters – 1234 Market St., Philadelphia 19107; or
  • SEPTA Accessible Travel Center – Room #109, Suburban Station, 15 N. 16th St., Philadelphia 19107

The changes noted above apply only to cards expiring in calendar year 2020 and do not affect new applications in any way. Seniors can continue to apply for new SEPTA Key Senior ID Cards at SEPTA Headquarters and the Accessible Travel Center, and my staff will also continue to take photographs and process applications for new Senior ID Cards at my Cedars and Norristown district offices. In the coming year, I will be working with SEPTA as they develop a process that will allow my office to handle card renewals in the future.