Notary services at my district offices

Dear Neighbor,

Did you know you can visit either one of my district offices to obtain free notary services for state-related documents?

Most official documents can be notarized for free. Call ahead to my Cedars (610-222-3490) or Norristown (610-270-1150) district offices to make sure a notary is in the office and can accommodate your type of document.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of State, notaries public are authorized to perform the following:

  • Take an acknowledgement.
  • Administer oaths and affirmations.
  • Take a verification on oath or affirmation (includes an affidavit).
  • Witness or attest a signature.
  • Certify or attest a copy or deposition.
  • Note a protest of a negotiable instrument.

The person whose signature is to be notarized must sign the document in person and provide proof of identity, such as driver’s license, photo ID card or passport. Please note, documents that we CANNOT notarize include wills, powers of attorney, car titles or the Employment Eligibility Verification Form 1-9.

Warmest Regards,

Matt Bradford

Cedars Office
2000 Bustard Road, Suite 6
Cedars, PA 19423

Norristown Office
750 E. Johnson Hwy.
Norristown, PA 19401