Bradford announces $31,500 environmental grant for Norristown

NORRISTOWN, Oct. 19 – State Rep. Matthew Bradford today announced that Norristown was awarded a $31,500 state grant to perform an environmental assessment of the former Howie Corporation site, with the goal of transforming it into a residential/mixed use property.

The grant is through the Industrial Sites Reuse Program. The program aims to clean up former industrial sites and prepare them for occupation by businesses and residential properties.

“This grant money is critical to supporting Norristown’s continued economic growth,” said Bradford, D-Montgomery. “The new property will attract critical investments and will truly be an asset to the region.” 

Under the program, if properties contain environmental contamination, developers must first perform an extensive environmental clean-up before the property can be developed. The ISRP provides loans and grants to help offset the costs of environmental assessments and remediation to foster the cleanup of the contaminated material at these industrial sites.