Plan for PA returns government to the people

A government made for the people, by the people, and answerable to the people. What’s happened to this bold and moral concept? At both the federal and state levels, it’s sadly given way to special interests and inept leadership. Bipartisanship, once respected, is now all but gone. In fact, despite Republicans having historic majorities in the Pennsylvania House and Senate – and repeatedly controlling the session schedule and the types of votes we take or don’t take – they’ve proven time and time again that they are incapable of producing substantive policies that benefit all Pennsylvanians.

While House and Senate leaders continue to play hyper-partisan political games that are crippling our commonwealth and furthering the political divide, I and others are fighting back. We’re working to counter their incompetence and return Pennsylvania back to the people with our Plan for PA. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, wealthy, middle-class, or barely making it, the Plan for PA delivers for you and your family by focusing on people first and the fundamental issues and values Pennsylvanians want their lawmakers to undertake.

The Plan for PA will move our commonwealth forward by prioritizing policies and investments in human capital and economic growth with a focus on:

  • People First: protect the safety, health, financial security, and dignity and opportunity that every Pennsylvanian deserves.  
  • Good Jobs: attract quality jobs that support families, move the economy forward, expand opportunities for working people and protect the financial security of the middle class and small business owners.
  • Opportunity and Growth: give every child access to a safe public school and a quality education; and allow adults to gain the skills and training they need to do the jobs that businesses are looking to fill. 
  • Tax Fairness: ease the tax burden on working families and homeowners, and prevent special interests from exploiting the middle class by closing tax loopholes. Everyone should pay their fair share to support schools, public health and safety, and community resources.

The Plan for PA gets to the heart of the matter, focusing on family-supporting jobs with fair wages and benefits, and a path to retire with security and dignity; training opportunities and workforce-ready programs for adults seeking new employment; quality public education regardless of your zip code; and tax fairness across the board. We’re putting Pennsylvanians first while growing the economy through strategic policies and investments.

It’s time to put an end to the status quo and insist that good public policy takes precedence over paralyzing partisan politics. It's time to change the course of action and focus on a real plan that offers real solutions and puts people first while growing our economy and creating an attractive environment to live and conduct business. It's time we make good jobs our top priority. It's time our children go to a quality school that prepares them for their adult life. It's time for tax fairness. It's time for the Plan for PA.

I'm urging everyone to please join me in the fight to take back our commonwealth. If you’d like to learn more, please visit