Bizzarro condemns Republican state budget plan as ‘Corbett 5’

HARRISBURG, June 27 – State Rep. Ryan A. Bizzarro, D-Erie, today voted against the Republican state budget plan for 2015-16, saying it continues the previous administration’s harmful cuts to education and the middle class.

“This budget is another smoke-and-mirrors plan that makes no commitment to restoring Republicans’ disastrous cuts to our schools,” Bizzarro said. “Under Governor Wolf’s budget proposal, schools in our region could have used increased funds to institute quality early childhood education programs and reduce class sizes. But the plan that passed today again shortchanges our students and makes these initiatives even less of a reality.”  

Bizzarro added the plan, loaded with gimmicks, would not provide the historic property tax relief Wolf proposed, furthering the burden on the middle class and senior citizens.

“Many of our seniors are struggling to stay in the homes where they’ve raised their families,” Bizzarro said. “Pennsylvanians have made it clear that they want and need property tax relief, and it is time we give it to them. Unfortunately, this plan doesn’t do that.”

Bizzarro added he is committed to making sure a budget that returns Pennsylvania to a sound fiscal footing is ultimately enacted.

“Governor Wolf’s bold proposal laid out commonsense ideas to fund our schools, grow jobs, and help our taxpayers,” Bizzarro said. “But this Republican plan – really, Corbett 5 – is more of the same. Pennsylvania deserves progress instead of stagnation. I am hopeful the governor will reject this plan that puts gimmicks over governing.”