The power of solar is highlight of Policy Committee tour and roundtable discussion in Millvale

MILLVALE, July 26 -- State Rep. Sara Innamorato hosted the House Democratic Policy Committee for a look at how Millvale is crafting sustainable community solutions that could be models for the rest of the state. 

Zaheen Hussain, former director of sustainability and Millvale Ecodistrict coordinator and Joseph McLaughlin, microgrid educational program coordinator provided a tour of Millvale Food and Energy Hub, showcasing their community sustainability efforts, including their solar energy microgrid. 

“The community of Millvale is no stranger to the harmful effects of pollution and has become a leader in community efforts to move toward cleaner, renewable energy. It’s important for residents to have a say in the future of their neighborhoods,” said Innamorato. “That’s why I am pleased to host the House Democratic Policy Committee in Millvale to talk about the positive impacts community-led initiatives on solar and renewable energy can have on our state. Our tour of the Millvale Food and Energy Hub will drive important legislation to help make Pennsylvania a cleaner, greener place to live, work, and play.” 

Chairman Ryan Bizzarro added, “This was a great opportunity to see how communities can be revitalized, while maintaining affordability for those in the community. Economic opportunities, family-sustaining jobs, and growth are at the center of green-collar prospects, and I thank Rep. Innamorato for hosting the committee to see how Millvale is innovating.” 

The day’s meeting closed with a roundtable discussion featuring Scott Wolovich, New Sun Rising; Sharon Pillar, PA Solar Center; Joylette Portlock, Sustainable Pittsburgh; and Hal Seville, Energy Independent Solutions. The consensus among the groups is that working together, despite differences, is a key factor in community success, resident retention, and affordability. 

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