Protecting workers, environmental impacts focus of House Democratic Policy Committee tour

MARCUS HOOK, July 13 – A tour of Monroe Energy and roundtable discussion with USW 10-234 steelworkers highlighted how the workers who fuel production efforts can be supported, sustaining energy demands and improving safety.

Delaware County State Representatives Brian Kirkland and Jennifer O’Mara hosted the House Democratic Policy Committee and heard from both Monroe Energy officials and the steelworkers about the cumbersome burden Renewable Identification Numbers under the Renewable Fuel Standard Program place on operations.

“As Pennsylvania recovers from the global pandemic, it’s critical that we make sure pieces are in place to support workers and prepare for jobs that will help us move forward,” said Rep. Brian Kirkland, D-Delaware. “I’m so glad we were able to bring Delaware County voices to this important conversation about the future of energy in Pennsylvania.”

The roundtable discussion yielded great conversation on how to urge federal RINs reform and what state action could be taken to help workers, Monroe Energy and the surrounding community work together for the well-being of public health, safety and economic vitality.

USW steelworkers shared that they are currently exceeding safety requirements and have additional concerns regarding oversees operations and the global environmental impacts. 

“I’m honored to have my colleagues join us in Delco to see the impact this facility has on our community, and our country. I look forward to continuing this conversation and making sure we’re looking out for the workers that keep this facility operating and our community thriving,” shared O’Mara, chair of the Southeast Delegation.

“We had the opportunity to tour the last major refinery in Pennsylvania and it’s incumbent upon us to keep it open. We cannot lose this industry, the jobs that come along with it and the responsible partner Pennsylvania has in Monroe Energy,” explained Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, Chairman of the House Democratic Policy Committee.

Kirkland will soon introduce a resolution calling on congress to institute RIN reforms and the committee will partner with area Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon to advocate for the reforms.

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