Davidson, Bizzarro respond to State Government Committee Election Review released by GOP

HARRISBURG, April 21 -- State Reps. Margo Davidson, Democratic chair of the House State Government Committee and Ryan Bizzarro, chairman of the House Democratic Policy Committee, responded to the State Government Committee report released by the Republican majority today with a suggestion of their own – don’t look for ways to suppress the vote. 

Davidson said Republicans are ignoring at least three bipartisan proposals to improve Pennsylvania’s elections process to focus on hyper-partisan voter suppression initiatives like voter ID based on false claims of election fraud.  

“House State Government Committee members sat through months of testimony from local election officials and voting experts,” Davidson said. “In more than 42 hours of testimony there was clear agreement on three bipartisan proposals -- pre-canvassing, more resources for election operations and expanded timelines for essential election processes -- that so far have been ignored in lieu of voter suppression based on false claims about the 2020 election that was in fact free, fair and accurate and upheld by almost every court in the land where actual evidence of fraud was demanded but never provided.

“There is bipartisan agreement on those three proposals, and we, in bipartisan cooperation, should focus on that,” she said.

Bizzarro said the House Democratic Policy Committee held two public hearings that tackled many issues surrounding elections and defending America’s democratic system of government, then crafted a comprehensive plan to address many of the issues and concerns that arose.  

“The integrity of the vote and defending democracy should not be a partisan issue. As public servants, our goals should be to preserve election security and make it easier for people who are eligible to vote to do so. That includes improving accessibility and making sure that people who are not yet registered can do so safely and securely, regardless of party affiliation,” Bizzarro said. 

“The 2020 election was accurate and secure, and there are areas where Republicans and Democrats alike can agree on improvements to make our elections more efficient for voters and election workers. House Democrats’ plan to defend democracy does just that by addressing the need for pre-canvassing, additional funding for local election officials and the need for an expanded timeline to perform election process functions,” he said.  

Davidson said she will continue to lead House Democrats on this issue in committee when voting-related bills are brought before the panel for a vote. Whether something helps or hinders access to the ballot box will be House Democrats’ test.   

“Let’s stop ignoring bipartisan solutions in the name of hyper-partisan voter suppression efforts that are based on extremists’ false claims,” Davidson said. “We need to move forward, stop perpetuating the lies and get back to doing that work that our communities sent us to Harrisburg to do.” 

“Let’s hope our colleagues on the other side of the aisle are willing to work together and consider the effective solutions we’ve proposed and that the men and women who administer our elections have asked for,” Bizzarro concluded.