Bizzarro vote supports local businesses amid COVID-19 pandemic

HARRISBURG, May 14 – In support of local businesses and to stimulate Pennsylvania’s economy, state Rep. Ryan Bizzarro today voted for legislation that would issue waivers to the Governor’s business closure to select essential businesses in compliance with CDC guidelines in response to COVID-19 reopening efforts.

“I voted ‘yes’ because I believe these businesses can resume operations while practicing the CDC recommended guidelines for safety in mitigating COVID-19. I’m willing to let companies reopen as long as they do their best to keep employees and customers safe. This is not a blank check for ReOpen PA to run all over without masks. People must use their best judgement when they go out and about. Wearing a mask, continuing to practice social distancing, washing hands are all going to help keep everyone healthy and safe,” Bizzarro said.

House Bill 2388 would immediately issue a waiver to the Governor’s business closure order to the following businesses:

  • vehicle dealers
  • lawn and garden centers
  • cosmetology salons
  • barber shops
  • messenger service and agent service activities
  • animal grooming services
  • manufacturing operations

Businesses would be required to adhere to social distancing practices and mitigation efforts recommended by the CDC. CDC guidelines include employers, employees and patrons wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and cleaning and disinfecting using EPA-approved disinfectants.

“As Erie works toward going green, we have to be smart about our public interactions. This virus and the threat it poses is still very real, but we must acknowledge that the impact these businesses have on our communities and the livelihood of our neighbors and friends is at stake. We must empower Pennsylvania business owners to resume business in the safest way as possible,” resolved Bizzarro.

The bill now moves to the Governor’s desk.