Chester receives $1 million to help reduce stormwater runoff

HARRISBURG, Jan. 25 – State Rep. Brian Kirkland, D-Delaware, announced today that the Stormwater Authority of the City of Chester has been awarded a $1 million grant to improve the quality of stormwater and reduce runoff.

The grant, approved by the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority, will be used to design and engineer a new stormwater collection system, serving 12,068 low-income households.

"Stormwater runoff contributes to erosion and introduces surface-driven pollutants, such as heavy metals and bacteria, into Ridley and Chester creeks and the Delaware River. This Pennvest award will mean improved water quality for residents, as the project will help reduce flooding and water runoff that can be hazardous to our health," Kirkland said.

The project involves using what is known as green infrastructure, which involves planting trees and restoring wetlands, a more natural method of water management, rather than relying on something that is built. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, green infrastructure uses vegetation, soils and other elements and practices to restore some of the natural processes for managing water, which helps create healthier environments.

An independent agency, Pennvest funds sewer, stormwater and drinking water projects throughout the state. These projects contribute to improving Pennsylvania's environment and the health of residents, as well as provide opportunities for economic growth and jobs for Pennsylvania workers.