Kirkland opposes sale of independent Chester Water Authority

CHESTER, April 27 – State Rep. Brian Kirkland explained his concerns for any sale or monetization of Chester Water Authority on Monday, April 27.

“For months I have listened to the people of 159th Legislative District and the concerns they have about the sale of CWA,” Kirkland said. “My stance today remains the same as it did in August 2019. The people in our community need to be the first priority in any discussion about a sale or monetization of CWA, and those people include the rate payers and workers at CWA.

“Right now, I have serious objections about any sale, since the sale would negatively impact rate payers – including, but not limited to, the residents in the 159th Legislative District. I cannot, and will not, support the sale of Chester Water Authority, when the people of our community would ultimately be forced to pay higher rates because of it. The sale would eliminate an independent municipal water authority that has served our community for more than 150 years, despite the fact it has provided safe and necessary services to our community for generations.”

The CWA dates back to 1866 and serves more than 200,000 customers in Delaware and Chester counties.