Kirkland announces grant for more than $75K for Chester Community Charter School

CHESTER, March 11 – State Rep. Brian Kirkland announced today a $75,990 grant for Chester Community Charter School has been approved by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency through the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Funds. The grant was approved for Archway Charter School of Chester, which does business as Chester Community Charter School. 

“These state funds will allow Chester Community Charter School to continue the use of its Gang Resistance Education and Training program to work toward the prevention of delinquency in our community, decrease incidents of youth violence and decrease gang membership,” said Kirkland, D-Delaware, who recently visited the school’s West Campus earlier this month.

“This program originally started in Phoenix, but it has been implemented throughout the United States and has recently expanded to Central America,” Kirkland said. “The program builds positive partnerships between schools, community, parents and law enforcement, introducing youth to law enforcement in school-based curriculum.”

Chester Community Charter will use funds from this grant to support personnel, employee benefits, supplies and operating expenses.

The grants are provided through PCCD’s Nonprofit Security Grant Fund Program following the passage of Act 83 of 2019. The act directs PCCD to administer grants to nonprofit organizations which have been or are likely to be targets for hate crimes. Priority consideration for funding was given to organizations that indicated they – or their membership – were victims of a hate crime or had a credible hate-crime threat.