Rep. Kirkland applauds efforts to introduce more opportunities to Chester via state tax credits

CHESTER, Nov. 22 – State Rep. Brian Kirkland, D-Delaware, applauds $52,000 in tax credits granted across three programs designed to improve health, home and opportunities within the city of Chester.

The funding through the Neighborhood Assistance Program, part of a statewide package recently announced by Gov. Tom Wolf, is designed to “promote community participation and collaborations among nonprofits, businesses and residents while producing outcomes that assist a distressed area or the low-income population in a neighborhood,” according to a release from Wolf’s office.

In Chester, three separate programs have been awarded tax credits:

  • $11,000: Chester Community Improvement Project working with Riverfront Alliance of Delaware County to improve the exterior of 12 homes in the Nova Vista and West 15th Street residential communities via power washing, painting and installation of light and camera fixtures.
  • $11,000: Boys & Girls Club of Chester to introduce 25 under-served youth to water safety and swimming instruction, including several to receive Professional Association of Diving Instructors certification and other open water or SCUBA diving certifications.
  • $30,000: The Foundation for Delaware County working with Chester Housing Authority to enroll 20 Healthy Start and/or Nurse-Family Partnership clients in a supportive housing initiative, as providing vulnerable, low-income families with safer, more stable and affordable housing would improve the health of mothers and babies.

“The end result of incentives like this is more opportunities for proud but lower-income areas like our great city of Chester,” Kirkland said. “Through these tax credits, our young families can see what affordable, safe and stable housing does for physical and mental health, our youth can learn that swimming isn’t only fun and healthy, but that knowledge in and around water can lead to future job and career opportunities that might otherwise never be considered in certain neighborhoods, and our neighbors can beautify their houses and create safer, cleaner areas to live through neighborhood pride.”

More information on these specific projects and the Neighborhood Assistance Program is available through this link.