Davis: Schools awarded grants for fresh fruits and vegetables

Over $190,000 will go to eight schools in the 35thDistrict

HARRISBURG, July 30 – Grants have been awarded to the Clairton City School District, Duquesne City School District, McKeesport Area School District, South Allegheny School District and the West Mifflin Area School District, in order to provide students with fresh fruits and vegetables during the day, announced state Rep. Austin Davis, D-Allegheny.

The 2018-19 grants are funded through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable program, whose goal is to expand the variety of fruits and vegetables in schools, by increasing consumption among students with the hope of impacting their present and future health.

“These grants are extremely important in order to provide our students with fresh and healthy eating options in schools,” Davis said. “Providing better choices will hopefully lead students to have healthier eating habits throughout their adult lives.”

Below are a list of schools and the amount they received:

  • Clairton Elementary School $24,253.50

  • Duquesne Elementary School $20,812.50

  • Francis McClure Elementary School$40,237.50

  • Homeville Elementary School $19,425

  • New Emerson Elementary School $10,378.50

  • Propel McKeesport $21,534

  • South Allegheny Early Childhood $13,042.50

  • Twin Rivers Elementary School$ 43,623

The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable program first started in the commonwealth in 2004 and is now in every state. Schools must have a free and reduced meal eligibility of 50 percent or more in order to qualify for the grants.

Nearly 200 elementary schools across Pennsylvania were selected to receive the grants that total almost $5 million.